Opera’s Perfect Pitch Could Create a Gateway for Cryptocurrency Cross-Border Payments

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 134: July 23, 2018. By @yassineARK Earlier this month, browser company Opera filed for a $115 million initial public offering (IPO), highlighted by Bitmain – the dominant bitcoin mining machine manufacturer – agreeing to purchase $50 million of shares. In tandem, Opera announced the launch of a cryptocurrency wallet native to its mobile browser. The strategic relevance […]

Litecoin Foundation Acquires a 9.9% stake in Germany’s WEG Bank

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 133: July 16, 2018. By @yassineARK In a new strategic partnership with TokenPay, Litecoin Foundation has acquired a 9.9 percent stake in Germany’s WEG Bank. In what started as a friendly Twitter exchange between Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and TokenPay CEO Derek Capo, the two entities agreed to a deal that will grant Litecoin an […]

China Modifies Regulations for Mobile Payment Platforms

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 132: July 9, 2018. By @bhavanaARK Earlier this year the Central Bank of China issued regulations for the financial services industry that it appended last week for mobile payment platforms. The appended regulations include the following: New ceilings on mobile payments per transaction: Based on customer credit profiles, each transaction is limited to 500 yuan ($77), 1000 yuan […]

Banks in Emerging Markets are Beginning to Say No to SWIFT

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 126: May 30, 2018. By @bhavanaARK Two announcements in emerging markets this week suggest that banks are beginning to move away from SWIFT, a global financial messaging network, to blockchain based payments. Banco Masventas (BMV), an Argentine bank, has partnered with Bitex to facilitate cross border transactions over the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitex, a crypto […]

Apple is Partnering with Goldman Sachs to Offer a Credit Card

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 124: May 14, 2018. By @bhavanaARK In a push for customer acquisition, Apple and Goldman Sachs announced plans to launch Apple Pay Credit Card as they aim to strengthen both Apple Services and Goldman’s consumer-facing business, Marcus. As of the end of the first quarter, Apple Pay had scaled its customer base to 127 million, with […]

China Issues More Fintech Regulations

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 119: April 9, 2018. By @bhavanaARK Over the past few years, China has enjoyed rapid growth in mobile payments, asset management, and online lending, as shown below. Now, fintech giants like Ant Financial are encroaching upon traditional banks with innovative business models and go-to market strategies. Consequently, Ant’s consumer lending hit a new […]

Fintech Platforms Like Square Are Expanding Service Offerings to Serve Both Sellers and Buyers

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 118: April 2, 2018. By @bhavanaARK Square has moved beyond processing payments into value add services like Square Capital, Square Cash, and other productivity tools for sellers and buyers. Late last year, it added bitcoin purchasing functionality to its Square Cash, and this month it enabled direct deposits of paychecks, enhancing its ability to serve under- and […]

Ripple Continues to Make Waves with MoneyGram Partnership

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 107: January 16, 2018. By @juliahARK MoneyGram and Ripple are partnering to test XRP in the money transfer space. Ripple is creating a network “for banks and financial institutions that [will] allow for faster and cheaper interbank trading and settlement.” MoneyGram hopes to become competitive with digital upstarts now that U.S. regulators have […]

Bitcoin and Blockchain: Better Together

Bitcoin and Blockchain: Better Together May 29, 2016 | by Christopher Burniske, ARK Analyst | DigitalMentioned Companies: AMZN, IBM, INTC, MSFTTags: bitcoin, Blockchain, cloud computing, smart contracts cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, fintech Adam Ludwin, founder of Chain.com, pointed out in an a16z podcast that people who say blockchain can exist without bitcoin are both completely correct and totally wrong. ARK’s view is the debate between Bitcoin and […]

Financial Blockchains: The Peril and Promise

Financial Blockchains: The Peril and Promise February 8, 2017|  by Christopher Burniske, ARK Analyst | DigitalMentioned Companies: AMZN, GE, OSTKTags: Blockchain, fintech, ethereum We recently had the pleasure of sitting on a panel hosted at ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum startup, to discuss the future of financial blockchains. Below we include a brief summary of some of the topics we found most interesting from the […]

Fred Pye

Frederick T. Pye


Frederick T. Pye is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director of 3iQ Corp. He is also the Chairman and Director of 3iQ Digital Holdings Inc. Mr. Pye is recognized for creating and promoting creative and unique investment products for the investment industry.

Mr. Pye has managed private client portfolios with Landry Investment Management and various other investment dealers. Prior to this Mr. Pye was Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Argentum Management and Research Corporation, a company dedicated to managing and distributing quantitative investment portfolios including the first long-short mutual fund in Canada.

He was also Senior Vice-President and National Sales Manager of Fidelity Investments Canada and an integral part of the team that saw assets rise from $80 million to over $7.5 billion in assets under management during his tenure. He also held various positions with Guardian Trust Company, which listed the first Gold, Silver and Platinum Certificates on the Montreal Exchange.

Mr. Pye obtained a Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University.