Is Venezuela Foreshadowing Other Financial Crises and an Important Role for Some Cryptocurrencies?

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 128: June 12, 2018. By @wintonARK In Venezuela, person-to-person bitcoin trading has again elevated, as shown in the chart below. Apparently, the local population is resorting to the cryptocurrency as it tries desperately to protect its purchasing power and savings. Source: Coin Dance Threatening to ravage the country’s wealth, the Venezuelan bolivar is in […]

GMO Internet Launched its New Bitcoin Miner

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 128: June 12, 2018. By @bhavanaARK Japanese internet player, GMO Internet, has become an active player in the blockchain technology space. Group Director Masatoshi Kumagai has focused the company on Bitcoin technology and its potential to create a borderless economic zone. GMO operates its own exchange and mining operation.  It also […]

Decoding Attacks on Cryptoassets

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 127: June 4, 2018. By @wintonARK A handful of cryptoassets has been attacked successfully over the past month. Hackers have exploited Verge, a small privacy-focused coin, twice, both times accelerating coin issuance and stealing coins worth millions of dollars. Ironically, Verge had introduced complexity into its protocol to address perceived weaknesses in Bitcoin’s […]

Fintech Platforms Like Square Are Expanding Service Offerings to Serve Both Sellers and Buyers

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 118: April 2, 2018. By @bhavanaARK Square has moved beyond processing payments into value add services like Square Capital, Square Cash, and other productivity tools for sellers and buyers. Late last year, it added bitcoin purchasing functionality to its Square Cash, and this month it enabled direct deposits of paychecks, enhancing its ability to serve under- and […]

GPU Prices Have Doubled Thanks to the Frenzy in Crypto

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 112: February 19, 2018. By @jwangARK  Crypto mining has proven so popular that it has caused a worldwide shortage of GPUs, so much so that the WSJ reports that little supply has been left for PC gamers. For example, Nvidia’s GeForce 1080 Ti GPU, which launched last year for $700, now sells for $1,400 online. As a result, Nvidia’s […]

$1,700? Even Bitcoin’s Bear Case Is Bullish

February 12, 2018 | by Catherine Wood, ARK Invest CEO As the first public asset manager to gain exposure to bitcoin at $250 through the Bitcoin Investment TrustGBTC,1 ARK Invest faced a number of questions and much ridicule in September 2015. Given our research-based conviction, and the knee-jerk reaction of skeptics, we knew we were on to something big! Ending […]

Telegram Aims to Develop the Next Big Blockchain Platform

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 108: January 22, 2018. By @juliahARK Telegram, an encrypted messaging service with more than 170 million monthly users, has plans for a record-breaking initial coin offering (ICO). Between an $850 million private token sale and a $1.15 billion public ICO, it hopes to raise at least $2 billion. According to Telegram, “bitcoin has […]

Crypto Mining Powers Growth at TSMC

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 108: January 22, 2018. By @jwangARK Once considered a fringe activity, crypto mining has scaled so dramatically during the past year that it has become a key revenue driver at TSMC, the world’s largest chip foundry. During 2017, TSMC’s revenues increased 9%, powered by strong demand for bitcoin mining chips in the second half […]

Ripple Continues to Make Waves with MoneyGram Partnership

Source: ARK Disrupt Issue 107: January 16, 2018. By @juliahARK MoneyGram and Ripple are partnering to test XRP in the money transfer space. Ripple is creating a network “for banks and financial institutions that [will] allow for faster and cheaper interbank trading and settlement.” MoneyGram hopes to become competitive with digital upstarts now that U.S. regulators have […]

Fred Pye

Frederick T. Pye


Frederick T. Pye is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director of 3iQ Corp. He is also the Chairman and Director of 3iQ Digital Holdings Inc. Mr. Pye is recognized for creating and promoting creative and unique investment products for the investment industry.

Mr. Pye has managed private client portfolios with Landry Investment Management and various other investment dealers. Prior to this Mr. Pye was Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Argentum Management and Research Corporation, a company dedicated to managing and distributing quantitative investment portfolios including the first long-short mutual fund in Canada.

He was also Senior Vice-President and National Sales Manager of Fidelity Investments Canada and an integral part of the team that saw assets rise from $80 million to over $7.5 billion in assets under management during his tenure. He also held various positions with Guardian Trust Company, which listed the first Gold, Silver and Platinum Certificates on the Montreal Exchange.

Mr. Pye obtained a Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University.