November 18 – November 24, 2020 | Tyler Winklevoss congratulates 3iQ’s growth, the drivers powering Bitcoin’s 2020 rally, and more

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Announcement: Tyler Winklevoss Congratulates 3iQ’s Growth

November 18 – Gemini’s Tyler Winklevoss congratulates 3iQ for raising $58 million USD through an overnight treasury offering of Class A units. Please contact your financial advisor to find out how to participate in the next overnight treasury offering.

Read the tweet here.

BlackRock CIO: “Bitcoin is Here to Stay”

November 20 – On CNBC’s Squawk Box, BlackRock’s CIO, Rick Rieder, expresses his belief in cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, stating that it is “here to stay.” Rieder also claimed that bitcoin is a durable mechanism that could replace gold, which he attributed to its functionality.

Read the article here.

Hedge Funds Fuelling Bitcoin’s Second Big Rally

November 20 – Institutional investors, rather than retail investors, are powering the current rally in the price of bitcoin largely as a result of purchasing exchange-traded products. ETPs are regulated, unlike bitcoin, so hedge funds interested in gaining exposure to cryptocurrencies can invest in the products.

Read the article here.

The Drivers Behind Bitcoin’s 2020 Rally

November 20 – Bitcoin has nearly surpassed its record peak of $20,000, having risen 160% this year. The cryptocurrency’s remarkable 2020 rally is attributable to these factors: 1) risk-on trade, 2) inflation hedge, and 3) lower volatility.

Read the article here.

Bank of England: Digital Currencies Mitigate Negative Interest Rates

November 18 – The chief economist at the Bank of England claims that digital currencies could diminish the demand for negative interest rates, which arises from a technology constraint. A widely-used digital currency could mitigate this technological constraint by enabling interest rates to be levied on retail monetary assets.

Read the article here.

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Frederick T. Pye


Frederick T. Pye is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director of 3iQ Corp. He is also the Chairman and Director of 3iQ Digital Holdings Inc. Mr. Pye is recognized for creating and promoting creative and unique investment products for the investment industry.

Mr. Pye has managed private client portfolios with Landry Investment Management and various other investment dealers. Prior to this Mr. Pye was Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Argentum Management and Research Corporation, a company dedicated to managing and distributing quantitative investment portfolios including the first long-short mutual fund in Canada.

He was also Senior Vice-President and National Sales Manager of Fidelity Investments Canada and an integral part of the team that saw assets rise from $80 million to over $7.5 billion in assets under management during his tenure. He also held various positions with Guardian Trust Company, which listed the first Gold, Silver and Platinum Certificates on the Montreal Exchange.

Mr. Pye obtained a Masters in Business Administration from Concordia University.